Article / 02 February 2020

Artist Interview: Julien Long | Freelancer illustrator

Let me introduce you to one of the member of the Nomad Community, Julien Long, a self-taught freelance illustrator who will talk about the process to create one of his artworks and his art dreams.

What are your strength and weakness ?

My weakness would be staying too comfortable, not daring to learn something that seems complicated to me.
Maybe the strong point would be that I learn "fast." I think it has to be that because it’s been maybe a year and a half that I’ve been seriously creating and I find that the evolution has been rather fast.

What is the last thing you learned ?

Make a better composition and look for an interesting point of view and do not hesitate to delete or to say "Ok, I’m doing all of this again because it's not okay" , do not be lazy.

What do you want to learn next ?

Drawing characters !!!

What was your process to create your artwork METRO ?

For this one it was not easy because I really wanted to put detail and get closer to this "pro" side that I see in the creations of people that I like and create a credible atmosphere

First I made a block-out with blender so I simply lay cubes to create the composition, here it was an arch and a stair descent. After it it’s all in photoshop, drawing and photobashing

How did you come to do this job / passion ?

I've always been drawing but I stopped for a long time and left high school after 4 months (I am French so to be precise I was 17 years old). I had to be homeschooled, but I didn't study that, instead I drew, learned my way to this job and since then, I’ve never stopped.

What inspires you ?

Many artists inspire me! Post apocalyptic photos or movies like "The road" are a great inspiration to me. But it’s mostly seeing other people’s drawings that inspire me.. Is that strange?

What is your art dream ?

Working for the studio "Techland"  those who made Dying light . I love this game so much…

Links to Julien Long's art:

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