Making Of / 10 December 2019

Travel Journal: Seoul by night

When I learned how to say "Cheers" in Korean

After another day of working on my photo packs and developing my business, I decided to change my mind and go out in the city (always with my camera). I went to the Dongdaemun market neighborhood to take photos for the “Seoul by night” reference pack.

One of my customer told me that PNG Cutout photo packs are a rare and very demanded product plus I could price it more because it takes time and effort to cut out the photos. He suggested me some themes and I decided to shoot some photo specifically for a next photo pack called: PNG Cutout photo packs: Neon signs. If this workout fine, I will produce more of these packs. I understand that it is a time savior for concept artists and matte-painter to just drag & drop a PNGs and start creating art right away without the pain of cutting out. Please, let me remove your pain, call me Dr. Nomad.

I was attracted by the lights, I should have guessed what kind of district that was.

After that, my shooting was interrupted when I passed in front of a group of old Koreans dudes. I wanted to shoot the bar sign and suddenly one of them waved at me signing that he wanted me to take a picture of him. I nodded, took the picture and showed him. He wanted me to give him the photo right away. Haha, he thought it was a polaroid. Then the guy next to him started to talk to me, he was the only one who spoke a little English.

From left to right: 6-0, 5-8, Me and 6-1

5-8: – Where do you come from ?

Me: – France.

5-8: – Oooh ! Drink ?

Me: – Of course !

They paid me beers and Soju, a Korean alcohol made from rice. It looked like vodka, stronger than wine and softer than sake. They mixed some into the lager beer. Unexpected but indeed a good mix.

They offered me diner too ! Fried chicken. Lucky me, I love chicken. Then we had a basic English conversation about how old we were. That’s how I named them.

They didn’t know how to say numbers higher than 10 so they told me their age umber by number. The older one was 61, so his name was “Six – One”. He was really drunk. I think he was an asshole and I didn’t have to understand Korean to know that. It seemed like 5-8 was the leader. Probably because he was the translator. But he scolded 6-1 from time to time and said he was sorry for him.

I wasn’t really offended anyway because I didn’t understand shit… And he didn’t understand me either so it was a fair game.

I told them everything was ok and we were having a good time. Of course I was ! I had free drinks and dinner haha !

They taught me how to say cheers in Korean (geonbae) and in return I taught them how to say it in French (Santé) ! We couldn’t talk much with words so we mainly smiled and drank. Anyway, I am not much of a talker, this kind of party suits me well.

At some point I was repeating everything what 6-1 was saying, just like if I really had a conversation with him. Surprisingly it seemed to work. He probably thought I acknowledged everything he said, was he the most drunk from us all ?


The story doesn’t tell...