News / 21 May 2020

Remastering my Photo Reference Packs

I am stepping up my game and to do that I removed all of my photo and texture packs for now. I want to enhance the quality of my photos and overall products so I am editing them (perspective, lighting, color & noise corrections) and keeping the best ones. Step by step I will publish them again (the Free Bundles Photos & Textures will be back too). If you already have bought some of them you will be able to download their remastered version for free ;)

For instance here is the first Remastered Photo Reference Pack, my best seller: Seoul By Night.

You can write me in the comments if you have some preferences about the packs you'd like to see remastered, this would help me prioritize my work as I have now a total of 188 packs which make more than 30 000 photos !

In the meantime, enjoy my PNG Photo Packs and the new Free Bundle: PNG Cutouts.

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