Article / 14 December 2019

2019 What a year

Let’s recap the 2019 assessment of Nomad Photo Reference and see which bright future awaits.


  1. The Photo Library is amazingly growing !

  2. The Free Bundle too

  3. Great artworks from the community

  4. My travels

  5. DA Xmas Gift (there is still time !)

  6. Sponsorship opportunities

  7. What’s next ?

The Photo Library is amazingly growing !

I have now a total of 146 Photo Reference Packs + 13 Bundles. There are now more than 23 000 photos ! 

“J’ai charbonné” like we say in French (*It means I worked hard.)

You can find environments of all kinds, from nature to urban passing by abandoned places, textures references, PNG Cutout images, anatomy and animals, and and and well I will not write everything because that would be toooooo long, so if you are interested just browse my store.

The Free Bundle

It has more than 10 Go and +700 Photos. You can find in my store. Each time I create a photo pack, I add its free photos in the bundle so follow me to stay up to date ;)

Best sellers

  1. PNG Cutout Photo Pack: Clouds and Mist

  2. Photo Reference Pack: Seoul By Night

  3. PNG Photo Pack: Junk and Trash Props

  4. Texture Photo Pack: Rocks Cliffs

Great artworks from the community

The community is growing and along side with me we become better and better in our art, that’s so cool to see our mutual progression.

Big up to you !

Loukas Pagianoths

Elliott Butler

Mark Makovey


ANDREAS ROCHA | Freelance Concept Artist

Just wanted to thank you for selling your amazing Photo Packs and for the Black Friday discount! I bought a lot of them and I was especially impressed with China by Night. Fantastic moods you captured and the quality is really good. I will definitely use that as inspiration for future paintings.

JAKUB SKOP | Concept Artist

The greatest advantage of your photos is their variety and quality. All photos are of high quality and large size. You are a passionate. Thanks to your references, our work is more pleasant and simpler. The huge advantage is also all packages containing .png elements. This allows us to do everything faster and to save a lot of precious time.

ELLIOTT BUTLER | Environment Artist

These photo reference packs are fantastic! They cover a broad scope of topics, super hi-res, and are great value for money. As a 3D artist they have a multitude of uses from modelling to texturing, and it is now my first place I look for reference. The packs are perfectly themed, so when you find one that suits your needs it is not only really inspiring.. it saves a lot of time !


In two years I did shooting in 10 countries, Canada, France (obviously), Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Malta, China, South-Korea, and even in the sky. By the way, you can track the photo packs locations on my Travel map.

To finish this year I am in Paris for a week and I am shooting everything I see, then for the new year's eve I will be in Istanbul and I will bring you back some Turkish photos. (If I am not too drunk, I'd rather not promise anything 0_0.)

Xmas gift

Did you know that my second name was Nomad Claus

You have until the 23th of December 2019 to write down the pack you want in this Wish List.

I already started to send gifts, when I am writing this, 46 artists already have received their Christmas present.

Will you be the next one ?


I am glad to say that I started to sponsor two artists. Let me introduce you to Aron A.K.A. @aronvisuals and Camilo Polanco A.K.A. @cppartz the admin of @doomshots

I am open to sponsor you if you are an artist with a community of your own. If you are interested:

  • Contact me at:

  • Introduce yourself, who are you and what you do.

  • Send me your portfolio.

  • And explain to me how this partnership could benefit the both of us.

What’s next

Travel journal

In December I started write again about my journey in my Blog Articles named “Travel Journal”.

There are already 4 journal entries:

I would be glad that you tell me in the commets if you like to read my little adventures and the polaroid concept to showcase my photos.

A Patreon for 2020 ?

I read all of your feedback and take your suggestions in account. Many of you share the same interests about future themes, locations etc. so we could team up as I am considering creating a Patreon for 2020 so I could go to more various and places that are difficult to access. Besides I could share more stories about my journey.

So far I just took photos while on vacations and where some friends could host me. I did what I wanted to do and you followed for that so thank you. And since we are more and more, I'd like to involve you in this journey.

I would be transparent about the use of the budget, and of course, contributors would get exclusivities and the best offers. I would also make sure that everyone could contribute one way or another, from a following to 1 million $ (who knows, I a lucky guy).

I could also consider creating a group for the artists who would be ok to host me on Couchsurfing in their town/country during a shooting. That would be cool to meet and we would need less money to achieve our goals.

These are my first ideas, I’d love to read yours about this project in the comments.

I leave you with my favorite photo of the year, a family in a fishermen village in Bali with whom I shared a cup of coffee.

Merry Christmas and happy new year !

Ibrahim Lancoln | Nomad Photo Reference