Making Of / 16 December 2019

Travel Journal: Beijing street workout

As usual I am taking unexpected photos among the selfie crowd. This time, somewhere in Beijing…

Sometimes I go to touristic places full of people and I don’t really like that. Not that I don’t like people, it is more that I hate tourists behaviors. Could it be possible to have some Galactic laws about selfie sticks, people who are carrying stuff and group travel guides with ridiculous flags and loud microphones ?

Says the guy who takes pictures of the ground in front of heavenly landscapes.

But enough of funny complaints, as I was supposed to go back to my hostel and derush the shooting of the day, I past by a street workout park like many others in China (there are street workout parks everywhere) and I saw these old guys

I suddenly felt motivated to do some pull ups. I am not very good at that but I like the movement itself. Being able to support my own body weight in every situations satisfies my Bear Grillz instinct. 

Suddenly these old men started to go apeshit like wut O_O !?

And there was this guy, was he remembering a time he could do this too ? The story doesn’t tell...

You know, that is actually one of the thing that I like the most in China. The fact that there are street workout spots everywhere. Just like public toilets. I am still wondering if there is a link.

Don’t mind me, there are plenty other things that I like in China. Like spicy food for instance. 

And That has a link to the public toilets.

Ibrahim Lancoln | Nomad Photo Reference