Making Of / 13 December 2019

Travel Journal: Hiking in South-Korea

After working hard for 5 days like a ermite I decided to “take a break” and go for a hike at the Uslan Peak. It is easy to hike in South-Korea, I mean it is accessible, since there are mountains EVERYWHERE. This country is just a big chain of small mountains. You don’t really walk actually, you just, hike. I think that’s the second national sport in South-Korea just after Starcraft II.

Travel tip:

To get there from Sokcho you can take the bus 7 or 7-1 until the last station. It takes about 40 min ride. The total cost of the trip is 5600 Won (5,2 $ US). (Bus + entrance).

I don’t really know what to expect because as usual I don’t make that much research and chose my destinations based on my guts, Google map topology and sometimes few photos. The decision process is always quick, I like surprises.  It is not always amazing but I am creative enough to make it worth it.

Sometimes some people tell me that there is nothing to do where I am going. Lol, even better if there is no one.

I arrived at noon and I headed directly to the Uslan peak path. It is something like 6 km of difference in level. It took me 5 hours to go to the top and walking down back to the entrance. Because I stop every 10 meters to take photos. If you walk with me, don’t wait for me, that would ruin your hiking ^^.

A river that came from the mountain followed the path I took. It led me to the first point of view which was a temple built inside a cave. I watched to sign to know how far I was from the peak. 0,8 km. Not so far, it should be easy I thought.

Silly me, this was actually the hardest part of the trail. Once again mah booty was on fire. Halfway to the top was the second point of view. I could finally see the objective and have a taste of the final view. But no time to rest, “on n’est pas là pour enfiler des perles”.

Now it starts to be exhaustive, the steps are higher and the sun is hotter. The forest fades away and let appears the beginning of the rewarding landscape… in my back ! There were not so many people anymore at that height, which is the untold reward. I realized that intimacy has a price and it is always high. Here is another thing I learned during my trip, sometimes, hiking involves climbing è_O

Ok I see the finish line. Breathe…

I took the time to feel the moment. 

And head back to the bus stop. On my way back I thought about the importance of movement.

When I started to shoot photo packs, sometimes I left good potential photos passing by because I felt lazy, tired or I didn’t take a decision quick enough and I was a bit frustrated. But I learned to let go of that feeling because the world is so huge that I just need to make 2 steps in ANY directions to find plenty new shots to take. So, let go, and keep walking, just, walking. Movement, is the key.

Ibrahim Lancoln | Nomad Photo Reference