Artworks of the community

Julio Nicoletti | Concept Artist

PNG Photo Packs used: Bundle: Mist & Clouds


Jakub Skop | Freelance Concept Artist

Packs used: PNG - Wooden structuresPhotos - Fishing Village 


Romel Rojas | Concept Artist

Packs used: PNG - People volume 1 | PNGs - People volume 2 | Photos - China Beijing Streets

Thank you so much for the great quality and for the cutouts, really save a lot of time when creating.


Lucas Leger | Concept artist

PNG Photo Packs used: Foliage | Dead Trees


Julien Long | Freelance Concept Artist

Photo Reference Pack used: China By Night


Loukas Pagianoths | Concept artist

Photo Reference Pack used: The Yungang Caves (coming back soon)


Elliott Butler | Senior Environment Artist

Texture Photo Packs used: Fall Grounds | Terrain (coming back soon

These photo reference packs are fantastic! They cover a broad scope of topics, super hi-res, and are great value for money. As a 3D artist they have a multitude of uses from modelling to texturing, and it is now my first place I look for reference. The packs are perfectly themed, so when you find one that suits your needs it is not only really inspiring.. it saves a lot of time !