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You can ask me at: ibrahim.lancoln@gmail.com


Can I use the photos for freelance purpose even if my membership stops ?

Even if your Freelance membership stops, you still have the right to use the photos you got during the membership for freelance purpose.

How does the Nomad Photo Reference Patreon works ?

Everything is explained in the Pinned Post of my Patreon

How to extract a pack with multiple zip files parts ?

Some of my photo reference packs are broke down into parts, you can see it in their file name, there are numbers at the end: 


Photo Reference Pack - Title - Nomad Photo Reference.zip.001

Photo Reference Pack - Title - Nomad Photo Reference.zip.002


To extract the whole pack you must:

  1. Select all of the zip files
  2. Right click
  3. Extract here

If you try to extract them one by one, you will just see a message that says that the file is corrupted or there is an error of some kind.

Are you open for Sponsorship ?

Yes I am, write me an email explaining who you are, what you do and how we could both benefit from this. If I am interested, I will send you the rules and if you agree, we will start right away.

Licenses use

Relative to every license:

You don't have to credit Nomad Photo Reference, however I always like to be credited like any other artists.

Personal license:

  • 1 User / NON-Commercial
  • Use it if you are a hobbyist or just want to practice art.
  • You can showcase your artworks anywhere you like as long as you don't make profit out of them.

Freelance License:

  • 1 User / Commercial
  • This is the license you need if you are making money in solo as a freelancer or an auto-entrepreneur.

Company License:

  • 1 Company / Commercial
  • This license if for studios and companies.
  • It does apply the moment you are not a lone artist anymore.

Do I need a commercial license if it's a background in an animation ? 

If you are a freelancer you can take the Freelance license for commercial use, the company license is for studios.