Nomad Photo Reference - Ibrahim Lancoln
Nomad Photo Reference - Ibrahim Lancoln
Photo Reference Packs Provider
Anywhere with WI-FI, France

I am Ibrahim Lancoln and I travel the world to capture Free Royalty Photo Reference Packs for Artists. At Nomad Photo Reference you can find PNG Cutouts, Textures and Reference Photos about many themes to save time on research so you can focus on what really matters, your art.

After studying and working in the game industry as an environment artist, I became a photographer with this project.

The Nomad Map:
You can even browse my packs on this map if you prefer looking for a specific location.

I write articles about my journey, artists interviews and tutorials in my Travel Journal.

Notice me when you create an artwork and get a chance to be featured on my social medias and in the Gallery of the Community.



Software proficiency



  • Nomad logo wide
    • Video Game
      Nomad Photo Reference
    • Year
    • Role
      Creator and Photographer
    • Company
      Nomad Photo Reference
  • Baetes vr showroom julien gauthrin 3
    • Commercial / Advertisement
      VR Showroom - Shoe Shop
    • Year
    • Role
      Artistic director, 3D/texturing artist, Lighting
    • Company
  • Sultanahmet mosque
    • Mobile Game
    • Year
    • Role
      Artistic director, 3D artist
    • Company
      Fez Game Studio
  • Dungeon hunter 5 astuce conseils bien debuter 001
    • Mobile Game
      Dungeon Hunter V
    • Year
    • Role
      3D Environment Artist
    • Company
      Gameloft Montreal


  • Founder & Photographer at Nomad Photo Reference
    Anywhere with Wii-Fi, France
    April 2018 - Present

    I travel the world to capture Free Royalty Photo Reference Packs for Artists.

    Environments, objects, poses & anatomy, vehicles, cutout images ideal for photobashing and textures.

  • VR Showroom - Shoe Shop at Freelance - Baetes
    April 2018 - May 2018


    - Create a room from scratch according to my own imagination to showcase the Shoe in VR (3D high poly scan provided by Baetes).

    - Optimize the Shoe


    - Optimizing the 3D Scan of the shoe in Zbrush

    - Gathering references about Timberland shoe shops

    - Blockout

    - Modeling & Texturing (diffuse only)

    - Baked Lighting in 3DS Max + Adding the baked AO in Photoshop

    - Sketchfab integration

  • Hezarfen - Mobile Game at Freelance - Fez Game Studio
    November 2017 - February 2018

    Mission: I was in charge of the remake of the artistic direction of the runner mobile game Hezarfen. I did the production of the majority of the assets (modeling and texturing) and making sure of the visual quality in-game.

    Project: Hezarfen

    Game engine: Unity

  • 3D Environment Artist at Gameloft
    Montreal, Canada
    July 2016 - January 2018

    Environment | Lighting | Modeling | Sculpting | Hand-painted Texturing

    Here is my work:

    Project: Dungeon Hunter 5


    . Treasure chests modeling & texturing

    . Level & Environment art, Lighting

    - Gameplay

    - In-game cinematic

    - Marketing cinematic

    . Props modeling & Hand-painting Texturing